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“It’s OK to come from a small town,” resonated at the eighth annual Wyoming Area Scholarship Celebration on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at the Wyoming Area High School cafeteria. These words were spoken by Dr. Katie McHale, whose speech was entitled: “It’s OK! It is not just OK it is wonderful to come from the small ‘towns’ that make up the Wyoming Area School District and Community.”

Donors, recipients, parents and friends gathered to celebrate the awarding of approximately $183,000 in local money to 62 seniors who were among the 84 seniors who submitted over 700 applications for the over 80 scholarships available only to Wyoming Area graduating seniors through this program which continues to grow each year. Without soliciting scholarships, 60 have been added since the program began nine years ago. There is interest from several donors presently for next year’s celebration. In addition to the local scholarships this year, several Luzerne Foundation Scholarships, etc. were received by Wyoming Area seniors, which totaled approximately $35,000. Wyoming Area students have been honored with several Luzerne Foundation Scholarships the past few years. This does not take into account all other scholarships received from colleges, universities, etc. that WA students receive. There were several multiple winners and approximately 133 awards were granted at the program.

The scholarships are provided by local businesses, individuals, families, faculty members and civic and school organizations. Several memorial scholarships were presented in honor of loved ones and individuals who were a major part of the Warrior community and who have made an impact on our school. Each scholarship has its own selection committee. These awards represent major and unique accomplishments for our community and are a deserving and sincerely appreciated gift for those seniors who were recipients at the celebration!

The Wyoming Area School District is a unique, highly successful district and this celebration is part of that uniqueness and success. The entire community shares in this celebration and its success.

Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; it is the only thing that ever has.” Evidence of this statement was very evident on May 25.

A program like this is not a one person show and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize the members of the Wyoming Area Scholarship Committee as well as Janet Serino, superintendent, and her administration, including the secondary center principal, Dr. Jon Pollard and past and present members of the board of education for their continued support of this unique program.

Committee members from the community in alphabetical order are: Alicia Adonizio, Karen Aritz, Peggy Balberchak, Julianna Borzell, Terri Bugelholl, Emily Kneeream, Gina LaNunziata, Maureen Malloy, Maria Marianacci, Anita Montante, Kelly W. Pacelli, Kendra Radle, Frank Schall, Karen Schall, Amy Washo and Debbie Wright.

The school staff members are: Barbara Bullions, Brian Butler, Judy Cefalo, Jennifer Ciampi, Lisa Dolhon, Denise Holmes, Daneen Kearns, Leo Lulewicz, Rita Mauriello, Teddy Rabel and Jean Marie Radle. A sincere thank you to Frank Pugliese and his janitorial staff and Melissa Collevechio and her cafeteria staff for their participation in making this project a success, as well as the entire Wyoming Area staff which includes faculty, secretaries, aides, etc., along with a host of community members who are always willing to help with this program no matter the request. Raymond Bernardi, retired superintendent, was also very supportive of this program in its early days.

We would be remiss not to mention the print media coverage of this program. The coverage was extensive and we extend our sincerest gratitude for that coverage. The representatives of the various media outlets never hesitated to shine the spotlight on our “kids” and the donors, where it belongs. This includes Independent Graphics with Lou and Jimmy Ciampi and their staff who printed this year’s booklet and who are always willing to take the extra steps. As a result, this year’s booklet emphasized the excellence of this program whose story is presented in beautiful detail.

Thank you does not fully express our deep sense of appreciation to all of the people who helped in any way in making Wyoming Area’s eighth annual Scholarship and Awards so successful.

We offer our deepest gratitude to all the individuals and groups who have worked for over a year to ensure the success of this year’s program. This year’s celebration had the largest attendance with over 420 people present.

“I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.” William Shakespeare.

Anyone interested in learning about donating a scholarship to this program can call Mrs. Rabel in the guidance department at 570-655-2836, ext. 2339 and a committee member will contact you.

Always Warrior Proud,

Rosella Fedor-Purcell,

Chairwoman 2017 WA Scholarship/Award Celebration

Juel Anne Klepadlo,

Co-Chairwoman, 2017 WA Scholarship/Award Celebration